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21st December 2015

Cobham SATCOM Push-To-Talk for SAILOR and EXPLORER terminals now at Satcom Global

Satcom Global are thrilled to announce the availability of Cobham SATCOM’s Push-To-Talk (PTT) voice dispatch and communications system – an IP-based radio communications system which turns traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR), satellite, cellular, and the internet into a closed managed Wide Area Network, with beyond line-of-sight communication. An ideal satellite solution for on-the-move communications for shipping and vehicle fleets, utility, mining and oil & gas industries.

PTT from Cobham SATCOM uses any Cobham IP-based terminal such as a SAILOR FleetBroadband or BGAN EXPLORER terminal, alongside the push-to-talk terminal with hand microphone and up to two USB ports for 3G/4G modem connection. PTT works on a least cost routing basis, which means it will use the cellular network as default. If one of the cellular networks is congested it will automatically switch to a less congested one, and if no cellular coverage is available, the system will switch across to Inmarsat’s BGAN satellite network, providing seamless voice communication coverage. On top of least cost routing, PTT also utilises voice compression technology to provide efficient use of bandwidth between multiple transport mediums whilst in the field.

Designed to extend or replace traditional LMR systems, with IP-based digital high voice quality, this robust voice dispatch communications solution provides lower cost, and more reliable connectivity within mobile workforces on land and at sea. So whether you have a vehicle fleet in remote central Australia or vessels travelling between ports along the coast of New Zealand, PTT will keep your workforce securely connected whilst on-the-move.

As Cobham SATCOM PTT works on already existing network infrastructure in conjunction with Inmarsat’s satellite network, it provides truly global, reliable cellular and satellite communications for mobile workforce connectivity.

For more information on Cobham SAILOR Push-To-Talk or Cobham EXPLORER Push-To-Talk, including pricing please contact your friendly local sales team at:

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