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Value added service GlobalNet

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GlobalNet is Satcom Global’s user-friendly platform which puts customers firmly in charge of their own satellite communications. The online portal enables customers to perform tasks such as activate and deactivate services, buy prepay vouchers, set up alerts and manage invoices, instantly. The integrated reporting tool provides even more visibility of communications, enabling users to request and subscribe to reports providing wide ranging information and intelligence on active services and usage.

To find out more about GlobalNet please get in touch.


  • Increased visibility of account information, airtime rates, SIM inventory  and purchase history
  • Top-up facility and credit card processing for customers
  • Set notifications and rules to ‘watch and alert’ and ‘watch and suspend’
  • SIM activation, deactivation and suspension management
  • Monitoring SIM status, balances and expirations
  • Trouble ticketing facility for customer support
  • Integrated firewall controls with white and black listing
  • Request invoices and call data records
  • View customers notices and updates
  • Intuitive and easy to use portal for communications visibility and management
  • View account status, airtime rates, SIM inventory, invoices  and purchase history
  • Manage activations, deactivations and suspends of sims and services 
  • Purchase and top up prepaid vouchers
  • Request and subscribe to a range of reports
  • Monitor and manage usage with the improved 'watch and alert' functionality
  • View and download postpay airtime invoice

For more information, please visit our Resources page and download our GlobalNet product sheet