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Value added service Data Management and Control

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At Satcom Global we want to ensure your investment in satellite communications is maximised and the satellite services you pay for are used as efficiently as possible.

Our in-house team of experts have developed secure software to give you the freedom and power to manage and control your data and will ensure you get the most out of the airtime you buy. Our varied portfolio of value added services can bring cost-saving benefits such as the ability to control data consumption for different users and apply data compression technology to minimise data use, as well as intelligent and efficient transfer of data.

Please contact  our team in Australia if you need help managing your satellite communications, or allow us to help you take matters into your own hands with one of our specially designed data management products. See below for tools that can give you access to view SIM card status and balance, top up your own allowances and activate/deactivate your own services.

Our tools for data management & control: