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Value added service Network Infrastructure

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Satcom Global is committed to providing all our customers worldwide with the best possible service by ensuring we have a high performance backbone for customer traffic.

We have invested in secure datacentres hosted in key locations around the world including a Sydney based POP, and our expert teams are working behind to scenes to continually upgrade and develop our network infrastructure.

If you want more information about our network infrastructure in the Oceania region or around the world, please get in touch.

  • Our global infrastructure is strong and reliable
  • Services land directly in our datacentres
  • On request, we are able to direct traffic into customer infrastructure
  • We can offer both secure yet quick internet breakout for web-based services
  • Industry leading partners, TelecityGroup and GlobalSwitch, host our data centres
  • Our core sites are in Amsterdam and Sydney, and our core services are also hosted in Phoenix, Bangkok, Singapore and North Shields
  • Backup and failover provided by linked datacentres
  • Reliable high performance Cisco hardware
  • Connections benefit from 'Enterprise Grade' firewall and security protection
  • TelecityGroup and GlobalSwitch datacentres provide secure and protected network environment
  • Flexible and tailored services to meet customer needs

For more information and to discuss specific network infrastructure requirements, please contact   Please also check out our Network Infrastructure product sheet from our Resources page